ISO/CD 17297

Microbeam analysis — Focused ion beam application for TEM specimen preparation — Vocabulary

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ISO/TC 202/SC 1 Terminology

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01.040.37   Image technology (Vocabularies)


Numbers of FIB applications will soon be available with developments and advancements of FIB instruments including, in-line automatic operation, multiple sample preparation, in-situ lift-out, new ion sources and cryogenic, which are still in their infancy. The manufacturers/vendors pertaining to this field have technical characteristics to offer their unique features in terms of instrument technology. Due to such conditions, entities to be newly involved in this technical field are anticipated to increase, and there exists a risk of random development of technologies exploiting the essence of FIB. In the light of the situation where several different words are used for the same function of FIB, this standard defines unified terminology necessary to the FIB processing

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ISO/CD 17297
30.60 Close of voting/ comment period
Mar 17, 2023