ISO 8178-1:2020

Reciprocating internal combustion engines — Exhaust emission measurement — Part 1: Test-bed measurement systems of gaseous and particulate emissions

Publication date:   Jun 24, 2020

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60.60 Standard published   Jun 24, 2020


ISO/TC 70/SC 8 Exhaust gas emission measurement

International Standard

13.040.50   Transport exhaust emissions | 27.020   Internal combustion engines



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This document specifies the measurement methods for gaseous and particulate exhaust emissions from reciprocating internal combustion (RIC) engines on a test bed, necessary for determining one weighted value for each exhaust gas pollutant. Various combinations of engine load and speed reflect different engine applications (see ISO 8178‑4).
This document is applicable to RIC engines for mobile, transportable and stationary use, excluding engines for motor vehicles primarily designed for road use. This document can be applied to engines used, for example, for earth-moving machines, generating sets and for other applications.

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ISO 8178-1:2017


ISO 8178-1:2020
60.60 Standard published
Jun 24, 2020