ISO/TR 11633-2:2021

Health informatics — Information security management for remote maintenance of medical devices and medical information systems — Part 2: Implementation of an information security management system (ISMS)

Publication date:   Feb 13, 2021

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60.60 Standard published   Feb 13, 2021


ISO/TC 215 Health informatics

Technical Report

35.240.80   IT applications in health care technology



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This document gives a guideline for implementation of an ISMS by showing practical examples of risk analysis on remote maintenance services (RMS) for information systems in healthcare facilities (HCFs) as provided by vendors of medical devices or health information systems in order to protect both sides' information assets (primarily the information system itself and personal health data) in a safe and efficient (i.e. economical) manner.
This document consists of:
— application of ISMS to RMS;
— security management measures for RMS;
— an example of the evaluation and effectiveness based on the "controls" defined in the ISMS.

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ISO/TR 11633-2:2009


ISO/TR 11633-2:2021
60.60 Standard published
Feb 13, 2021