ISO 11504:2017

Soil quality — Assessment of impact from soil contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons

Publication date:   Aug 28, 2017

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90.60 Close of review   Dec 3, 2022


ISO/TC 190/SC 7 Impact assessment

International Standard

13.080.01   Soil quality and pedology in general



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ISO 11504:2017 gives guidelines with regard to the choice of fractions and individual compounds when carrying out analysis for petroleum hydrocarbons in soils, soil materials and related materials, including sediments, for the purpose of assessing risks to human health, the environment and other possible receptors. Since many products based on petroleum hydrocarbons often contain substances that are not hydrocarbons, the recommendations also encompass such compounds where relevant.
ISO 11504:2017 also includes relevant background information on which the recommendations are based together with guidance on the use of the fractions recommended in the assessment of risk.
ISO 11504:2017 does not set criteria or guidelines for use as assessment criteria, since this is typically a national or regional regulatory issue. This document also does not include recommendations as to the specific model for the exposure assessment or the specific parameter values to be used; with respect to guidance on this matter, reference is made to ISO 15800.

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ISO 11504:2017
90.60 Close of review
Dec 3, 2022