ISO 18407:2018

Simplified design of prestressed concrete tanks for potable water

Publication date:   May 24, 2018

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60.60 Standard published   May 24, 2018


ISO/TC 71/SC 5 Simplified design standard for concrete structures

International Standard

91.080.40   Concrete structures



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This document provides guidelines for the planning, design and construction of a cylindrical tank constructed on the ground with prestressed concrete (PC) for use with potable water tank.
This document is applicable to PC tanks for potable water with a capacity of 30 000 m3 or less and the diameter-to-height ratio (D/H) from 1,0 to 3,0.
NOTE When designing and constructing a tank not covered by this document (reinforced concrete tanks, underground tanks, elevated tanks, etc.), a designer can refer to this document for common elements where possible.

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ISO 18407:2018
60.60 Standard published
May 24, 2018