ISO 16773-3:2016

Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) on coated and uncoated metallic specimens — Part 3: Processing and analysis of data from dummy cells

Publication date:   Mar 30, 2016

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jun 10, 2021


ISO/TC 35/SC 9 General test methods for paints and varnishes

International Standard

87.040   Paints and varnishes



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ISO 16773-3:2016 specifies a procedure for the evaluation of the experimental set-up used for carrying out EIS on high-impedance coated samples. For this purpose, dummy cells are used to simulate high-impedance coated samples. On the basis of the equivalent circuits described, this part of ISO 16773 gives guidelines for the use of dummy cells to increase confidence in the test protocol, including making measurements, curve fitting and data presentation.
NOTE Due to the nature of the measurements, investigations of high-impedance coated samples are more susceptible to artefacts coming from electromagnetic interferences. Therefore, this part of ISO 16773 considers the aspects for measuring high-impedance samples by using appropriate dummy cells in a Faraday cage. However, most manufacturers offer complementary dummy cells in the low and medium impedance range. This allows checking the setup in the respective low impedance range.

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ISO 16773-3:2009


ISO 16773-3:2016
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jun 10, 2021