ISO 18385:2016

Minimizing the risk of human DNA contamination in products used to collect, store and analyze biological material for forensic purposes — Requirements

Publication date:   Jan 28, 2016

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Aug 19, 2022


ISO/TC 272 Forensic sciences

International Standard

07.140   Forensic science



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ISO 18385:2016 specifies requirements for the production of products used in the collection, storage, and analysis of biological material for forensic DNA purposes, but not those consumables and reagents used in post-amplification analysis.
The consumables and reagents covered by this International Standard include those used for evidence collection (sampling kits), such as swabs, containers, and packaging, and also products used in the analysis of DNA samples, such as tubes and other plasticware, disposable laboratory coats, gloves, and other consumables.
ISO 18385:2016 applies to the production of consumables and reagents which do not require cleaning for continued use. This International Standard does not cover technical product specifications (i.e. product design).
ISO 18385:2016 excludes microbiological testing.
ISO 18385:2016 specifies a requirement for manufacturers to minimize the risk of occurrence of detectable human nuclear DNA contamination in products used by the global forensic community.

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ISO 18385:2016
90.93 Standard confirmed
Aug 19, 2022