ISO/TS 18339:2015

Endotherapy devices — Eyepiece cap and light guide connector

Publication date:   Nov 6, 2015

General information

90.60 Close of review   Mar 14, 2022


ISO/TC 172/SC 5 Microscopes and endoscopes

Technical Specification

11.040.55   Diagnostic equipment



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ISO/TS 18339:2015 specifies the design of eyepiece cap and light guide connector of an endoscope to enable the combination of products from different manufacturers. The products intended only for limited combination are out of the scope. It is a mechanical connection; it might not generate best results, but it allows the user to be able to work.
ISO/TS 18339:2015 supports manufacturers of components in the design of interfaces.

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ISO/TS 18339:2015
90.60 Close of review
Mar 14, 2022