ISO 6416:2017

Hydrometry — Measurement of discharge by the ultrasonic transit time (time of flight) method

Publication date:   Oct 11, 2017

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90.20 Standard under periodical review   Oct 15, 2022


ISO/TC 113/SC 1 Velocity area methods

International Standard

17.120.20   Flow in open channels



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ISO 6416 describes the establishment and operation of an ultrasonic (transit-time) gauging station for the continuous measurement of discharge in a river, an open channel or a closed conduit. It also describes the basic principles on which the method is based, the operation and performance of associated instrumentation and procedures for commissioning.
It is limited to the "transit time of ultrasonic pulses" technique, and is not applicable to systems that make use of the "Doppler shift" or "correlation" or "level-to-flow" techniques.
ISO 6416 is not applicable to measurement in rivers with ice.
NOTE ISO 6416 focuses on open channel flow measurement. IEC 60041 covers the use of the technique for full pipe flow measurement.

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ISO 6416:2004


ISO 6416:2017
90.20 Standard under periodical review
Oct 15, 2022