ISO/TR 16730-2:2013

Fire safety engineering — Assessment, verification and validation of calculation methods — Part 2: Example of a fire zone model

Publication date:   Jul 3, 2013

General information

90.93 Standard confirmed   May 18, 2018


ISO/TC 92/SC 4 Fire safety engineering

Technical Report

13.220.01   Protection against fire in general



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ISO/TR 16730-2:2013 shows how ISO 16730‑1 is applied to a calculation method for a specific example. It demonstrates how technical and users' aspects of the method are properly described in order to enable the assessment of the method in view of verification and validation.
ISO/TR 16730-2:2013 describes the application of procedures given in ISO 16730‑1 for a fire zone model (CFAST).
The main objective of the specific model treated here is the simulation of a fire in an open environment or in confined compartments with a natural or forced ventilation system.

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ISO/TR 16730-2:2013
90.93 Standard confirmed
May 18, 2018