ISO 22975-2:2016

Solar energy — Collector components and materials — Part 2: Heat-pipes for solar thermal application — Durability and performance

Publication date:   Sep 30, 2016

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Dec 20, 2021


ISO/TC 180 Solar energy

International Standard

27.160   Solar energy engineering



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ISO 22975-2:2016 specifies definitions and test methods for durability and performance of heat-pipes for solar thermal application.
ISO 22975-2:2016 is applicable to heat-pipes for use with evacuated tubes, including glass-metal sealed evacuated tubes and double-glass evacuated tubes, as well as with flat plate collectors.
ISO 22975-2:2016 provides test methods for determining durability of the heat-pipe, including high temperature resistance and freeze resistance.
ISO 22975-2:2016 also provides test methods for measuring performance of the heat-pipe, including starting temperature, temperature uniformity and heat transfer power of the heat-pipe.
ISO 22975-2:2016 is only applicable to gravity heat-pipes.

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ISO 22975-2:2016
90.93 Standard confirmed
Dec 20, 2021