ISO 18435-3:2015

Industrial automation systems and integration — Diagnostics, capability assessment and maintenance applications integration — Part 3: Applications integration description method

Publication date:   Jul 28, 2015

General information

90.60 Close of review   Dec 3, 2020


ISO/TC 184/SC 5 Interoperability, integration, and architectures for enterprise systems and automation applications

International Standard

25.040.40   Industrial process measurement and control



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ISO 18435-3:2015 defines the profiling methodology to use the interoperability templates of ISO 18435‑2. These profiling methods describe the construction and the use of application domain matrix elements (ADMEs), application interaction matrix elements (AIMEs), and an open technical dictionary (OTD) to support the information exchange.
In particular, ISO 18435-3:2015 gives guidance related to profiling the information exchange between two applications by establishing the context, conveyance, and contents defined in ISO 18435‑2.
ISO 18435-3:2015 is intended to be used in conjunction with ISO 18435‑1 and ISO 18435‑2.

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ISO 18435-3:2015
90.60 Close of review
Dec 3, 2020