ISO 18134-1:2015

Solid biofuels — Determination of moisture content — Oven dry method — Part 1: Total moisture — Reference method

Publication date:   Aug 20, 2015

95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   Aug 30, 2022

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95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   Aug 30, 2022


ISO/TC 238 Solid biofuels

International Standard

27.190   Biological sources and alternative sources of energy | 75.160.40   Biofuels



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ISO 18134-1:2015 describes the method of determining the total moisture content of a test sample of solid biofuels by drying in an oven and may be used when high precision of the determination of moisture content is necessary. The method described in this International Standard is applicable to all solid biofuels. The moisture content of solid biofuels (as received) is always reported based on the total mass of the test sample (wet basis).
NOTE The term moisture content, when used with biomass materials, can be misleading since untreated biomass frequently contains varying amounts of volatile compounds (extractives) which might evaporate when determining moisture content by oven drying (see References [2] and [3]).

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ISO 18134-1:2015
95.99 Withdrawal of Standard
Aug 30, 2022


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