ISO/TR 18130:2016

Dentistry — Screw loosening test using cyclic torsional loading for implant body/implant abutment connection of endosseous dental implants

Publication date:   May 19, 2016

General information

60.60 Standard published   May 19, 2016


ISO/TC 106/SC 8 Dental implants

Technical Report

11.060.15   Dental implants



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ISO/TR 18130:2016 provides guidelines for a method to determine the extent of screw loosening of the metallic implant body/implant abutment joint of endosseous dental implants, such as two-part implants or multi-part implants under cyclic torsional loading. This test is most appropriate for evaluating new types of joints fixed using screw(s) and metallic connecting parts. This Technical Report provides a protocol for torsional cyclic torque on an implant body/implant abutment joint, but its intended use is for prefabricated implant bodies, implant abutments and, if appropriate, implant connecting parts that are made of metallic materials.
It is not applicable to ensure the in vivo performance of endosseous dental implants and is not derived from observations of clinical failures.
NOTE This Technical Report is not intended for use with temporary abutments.

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ISO/TR 18130:2016
60.60 Standard published
May 19, 2016