ISO 7061:2015

Ships and marine technology — Aluminium shore gangways for seagoing vessels

Publication date:   Dec 10, 2015

General information

90.93 Standard confirmed   Mar 9, 2021


ISO/TC 8/SC 1 Maritime safety

International Standard

47.040   Seagoing vessels



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ISO 7061:2015 specifies requirements for aluminium shore gangways.
ISO 7061:2015 applies to gangways designed to be carried on board ships, to provide a lightweight, convenient and safe means of access from ship to shore, for use primarily by the ship's crew. These gangways may also be used for access from ship to ship when conditions are favourable.
ISO 7061:2015 applies to gangways suitable for use horizontally or inclined up to an angle of 30° from the horizontal. For angles of inclination less than 55°, special consideration of the design of steps and decking may be necessary.
The gangways to which this International Standard applies are not intended to carry wheeled traffic such as loaded trolleys.
Users of this International Standard, while observing its requirements, should, at the same time, ensure compliance with any statutory requirements, rules and regulations, applicable to the individual ship concerned.

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ISO 7061:1993


ISO 7061:2015
90.93 Standard confirmed
Mar 9, 2021