ISO 1550:1973

Potassium hydroxide for industrial use — Determination of sodium content — Flame emission spectrophotometric method

Publication date:   Dec 1, 1973

95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   May 27, 2002

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95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   May 27, 2002


ISO/TC 47 Chemistry

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The method is applicable to products having sodium contents greater than 0.01 % (m/m). The principle consists in the dissolution of a test portion, followed by acidification to ph value 1. Atomization of the obtained solution in the burner of a flame spectrophotometer. Measurement of the intensity of the radiation emitted at 589 nm; comparison with the intensity obtained for standard sodium chloride solutions, the acidity and potassium chloride content of which are equivalent to that of the test solution. - Cancels and replaces ISO Recommendation R 1550-1970.

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ISO 1550:1973
95.99 Withdrawal of Standard
May 27, 2002