ISO 18075:2018

Steady-state neutronics methods for power-reactor analysis

Publication date:   Mar 27, 2018

General information

90.20 Standard under periodical review   Oct 15, 2022


ISO/TC 85/SC 6 Reactor technology

International Standard

27.120.10   Reactor engineering



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ISO 18075:2018 provides guidance for performing and validating the sequence of steady-state calculations leading to prediction, in all types of operating UO2-fuel commercial nuclear reactors, of:
- reaction-rate spatial distributions;
- reactivity;
- change of nuclide compositions with time.
ISO 18075:2018 provides:
a) guidance for the selection of computational methods;
b) criteria for verification and validation of calculation methods used by reactor core analysts;
c) criteria for evaluation of accuracy and range of applicability of data and methods;
d) requirements for documentation of the preceding.

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ISO 18075:2018
90.20 Standard under periodical review
Oct 15, 2022