ISO 8820-5:2015

Road vehicles — Fuse-links — Part 5: Fuse-links with axial terminals (Strip fuse-links) Types SF 30 and SF 51 and test fixtures

Publication date:   Mar 16, 2015

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jun 17, 2021


ISO/TC 22/SC 32 Electrical and electronic components and general system aspects

International Standard

43.040.10   Electrical and electronic equipment



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ISO 8820-5:2015 specifies fuse-links with axial terminals (Strip fuse-links) Type SF 30 and SF 51 and test fixtures for fuses in road vehicles. It establishes, for these fuse-link types, the rated current, test procedures, performance requirements, and dimensions.
ISO 8820-5:2015 is applicable to fuse-links with a rated voltage of 32 V, a current rating of 30 A to 500 A, and a breaking capacity of 2 000 A intended for use in the electrical system of road vehicles with a nominal voltage of 12 V and/or 24 V.
ISO 8820-5:2015 is intended to be used in conjunction with ISO 8820‑1 and with ISO 8820‑2. The numbering of its Clauses corresponds to that of ISO 8820‑1, whose requirements are applicable except where modified by requirements particular to this part of ISO 8820.

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ISO 8820-5:2007


ISO 8820-5:2015
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jun 17, 2021