ISO 11662-2:2014

Mobile cranes — Experimental determination of crane performance — Part 2: Structural competence under static loading

Publication date:   Oct 30, 2014

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jun 1, 2020


ISO/TC 96/SC 6 Mobile cranes

International Standard

53.020.20   Cranes



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ISO 11662-2:2014 presents a test method for the structural competence under static loading of mobile cranes.
This test method is to provide a systematic, non-destructive procedure for determining the stresses induced in crane structures under specified conditions of static loading through the use of resistance-type electric strain gauges, and to specify appropriate acceptance criteria for specified loading conditions.
ISO 11662-2:2014 applies to mobile construction-type lifting cranes utilizing
a) rope-supported, lattice boom attachment or lattice boom, and fly jib attachment,
b) rope-supported, mast attachment and mast-mounted boom, and fly jib attachment, or
c) telescoping boom attachment or telescopic boom and fly jib attachment.
Mobile crane manufacturers can use ISO 11662-2:2014 to verify their design for the mobile crane types illustrated in its Annex E.

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ISO 11662-2:2014
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jun 1, 2020