ISO 3070-2:2016

Machine tools — Test conditions for testing the accuracy of boring and milling machines with horizontal spindle — Part 2: Machines with movable column along the X-axis (floor type)

Publication date:   Aug 3, 2016

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jan 10, 2022


ISO/TC 39/SC 2 Test conditions for metal cutting machine tools

International Standard

25.080.20   Boring and milling machines



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ISO 3070-2:2016 specifies, with reference to ISO 230‑1, ISO 230‑7 and ISO 230‑2, geometric tests, spindle tests and tests for checking the accuracy and repeatability of positioning by numerical control of horizontal spindle boring and milling machines having a movable column along the X-axis and also specifies the applicable tolerances corresponding to general-purpose, normal accuracy machines.
This type of machines are usually provided with sliding boring spindles and can be provided with universal spindle heads of the following types, whose test conditions are covered by ISO 17543‑1:
- fixed or indexable heads, with accessory spindle(s) square to the Z-axis, with or without one spindle parallel to the Z-axis;
- 45° split indexable heads, with mechanical indexing of the different angular positions of the two bodies (e.g. Hirth couplings);
- 45° split continuous heads, provided with continuous positioning of the two numerically controlled axes;
- swivel heads, with two numerically controlled rotary axes perpendicular to each other.
Test conditions for accessory facing heads are specified in Annex B.
ISO 3070-2:2016 concerns machines having movement of the column on the bed (X-axis), vertical movement of the spindle head on the column (Y-axis), axial movement of the ram (Z-axis), axial movement of the boring spindle (W-axis), and, in most cases, one or more tables moving on a bed parallel to the spindle (R-axis) and rotating around a vertical axis (B-axis).
ISO 3070-2:2016 deals only with the verification of the accuracy of the machine. It does not apply to the operational testing of the machine (e.g. vibration, abnormal noise, stick-slip motion of components) nor to machine characteristics (e.g. speeds, feeds), as such checks are generally carried out before testing the accuracy.

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ISO 3070-2:2016
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jan 10, 2022