ISO 17810:2014

Space data and information transfer systems — Data transmission and pseudo-random noise (PN) ranging for 2 GHz code division multiple access (CDMA) link via data relay satellite

Publication date:   Jun 23, 2014

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90.60 Close of review   Sep 3, 2019


ISO/TC 20/SC 13 Space data and information transfer systems

International Standard

49.140   Space systems and operations



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ISO 17810:2014 defines CDMA spread spectrum modulation schemes in terms of:
a) the services provided to the users of this specification;
b) spreading code formats; and
c) the procedures performed to generate and process the code formats.
It does not specify:
a) individual implementations or products;
b) the methods or technologies required to perform the procedures; or
c) the management activities required to configure and control the system.
ISO 17810:2014 provides only those parameter requirements relating to signal compatibility with the existing SNIP PN spread modulation systems (see C.1). There are many other types of requirements, not specifically related to PN spread modulation signal formats, which must be met to ensure system compatibility with existing SNIP hardware. Examples would include forward error correction coding format, data signal formats, etc.
ISO 17810:2014 applies to the creation of agency standards and to the future data communications over space links between CCSDS agencies in cross-support situations. ISO 17810:2014 includes comprehensive specification of the data formats and procedures for inter-agency cross support. It is neither a specification of, nor a design for, real systems that may be implemented for existing or future missions.
ISO 17810:2014 is to be invoked through the normal standards programs of each CCSDS agency, and is applicable to those missions for which cross support based on capabilities described in ISO 17810:2014 is anticipated. Where mandatory capabilities are clearly indicated in sections of ISO 17810:2014, they must be implemented when this document is used as a basis for cross support. Where options are allowed or implied, implementation of these options is subject to specific bilateral cross-support agreements between the agencies involved.

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ISO 17810:2014
90.60 Close of review
Sep 3, 2019


Adopted from CCSDS 415.1-B-1