ISO 17785-1:2016

Testing methods for pervious concrete — Part 1: Infiltration rate

Publication date:   May 27, 2016

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Nov 18, 2021


ISO/TC 71/SC 1 Test methods for concrete

International Standard

91.100.30   Concrete and concrete products



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ISO 17785-1:2016 specifies the procedure for testing the infiltration rate of hardened pervious concrete pavement specimens in the laboratory. It is not a method for measuring the permeability of pervious concrete. The specimens can either be prepared in the laboratory or cored from field placements, but not representing field conditions. This part of ISO 17785 also specifies procedures to make and cure hardened pervious concrete samples in the laboratory.

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ISO 17785-1:2016
90.93 Standard confirmed
Nov 18, 2021