ISO 23013:2016

Road vehicles — Determination of resistance to forced entry of security glass constructions used in vehicle glazing — Test of glazing systems

Publication date:   Jan 4, 2016

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Sep 6, 2021


ISO/TC 22/SC 35 Lighting and visibility

International Standard

43.040.65   Glazing and wiper systems



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ISO 23013:2016 provides test procedures that are designed to assess levels of resistance to forced entry provided by security glazing used in vehicles. Security glazing to be tested shall provide a certain (higher) level of protection against vehicle intrusion than standard safety glazing. This International Standard does not apply to conventional safety glazing material that meets the requirements of international automotive glazing material standards similar, but not limited to ECE R43.
This International Standard's goal is to quantify how much resistance can be provided by particular system parts (security glazing with associated part of the car body) against rapid unauthorized entry into vehicles. The test methods used have been designed more to simulate opportunist theft attacks using simple implements, which could be easily carried about a person rather than by "calculated theft" using specialist tools which a professional thief might use. That range of tools is limited to hand-held and non-powered instruments that could physically provide access to a vehicle.

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ISO 23013:2016
90.93 Standard confirmed
Sep 6, 2021