ISO 1392:1977

Determination of crystallizing point — General method

Publication date:   Feb 1, 1977

General information

90.93 Standard confirmed   Jan 18, 2022


ISO/TC 47 Chemistry

International Standard

71.040.50   Physicochemical methods of analysis



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The method is applicable in the range from about -50 °C to about +250 °C. the determination can be carried out directly on the sample as received, or on the dried sample, or on both. In which of these conditions the sample is to be tested will be stated in the specific test method for each material. The principle is based on cooling the liquid or liquefied sample and observation of the temperature during crystallization under defined conditions. Samples with a higher water content, e.g. pastes, shall be dried before in every case. - Replaces ISO Recommendation R 1392-1970.

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ISO 1392:1977
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jan 18, 2022