ISO 11119-4:2016

Gas cylinders — Refillable composite gas cylinders — Design, construction and testing — Part 4: Fully wrapped fibre reinforced composite gas cylinders up to 150 l with load-sharing welded metallic liners

Publication date:   Feb 12, 2016

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jun 8, 2021


ISO/TC 58/SC 3 Cylinder design

International Standard

23.020.35   Gas cylinders



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ISO 11119-4:2016 specifies requirements for composite gas cylinders with load-sharing welded liners between 0,5 l and 150 l water capacity and a maximum test pressure of 450 bar for the storage and conveyance of compressed or liquefied gases.
NOTE 1 1 bar = 105Pa = 105N/m2.
The cylinders are constructed in the form of a welded stainless steel liner or welded ferritic steel liner or welded aluminium alloy liner and overwrapped with carbon fibre or aramid fibre or glass fibre (or a mixture thereof) in a matrix to provide longitudinal and circumferential reinforcement.
The cylinders in this part of ISO 11119 are type 3 fully wrapped cylinders with a load-sharing metal liner and composite reinforcement on both the cylindrical portion and the dome ends.
Cylinders produced in accordance with this part of ISO 11119 have a minimum design life of 15 years. Cylinders with test pressure of up to 60 bar have an unlimited design life.
ISO 11119-4:2016 does not address the design, fitting, and performance of removable protective sleeves.
ISO 11119-4:2016 does not apply to cylinders with seamless liners. For seamless liners, ISO 11119‑2 applies.
NOTE 2 ISO 11623 covers periodic inspection and re-testing of composite cylinders.

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ISO 11119-4:2016
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jun 8, 2021