ISO 1391-3:1976

Paraformaldehyde for industrial use — Methods of test — Part 3: Determination of iron content — 2,2'- Bipyridyl photometric method

Publication date:   Dec 1, 1976

95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   May 27, 2002

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95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   May 27, 2002


ISO/TC 47 Chemistry

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71.080.80   Aldehydes and ketones



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Conversion of iron contained in a test sample to sulphate by treatment with hot sulphuric acid. Oxidation of the iron present in the solution by hydrogen peroxide and subsequently reduction of the iron(III) by hydroxylammonium chloride. Formation of the coloured complex iron(II)-2,2'bipyridyl in a buffered medium. Photometric measurement of the coloured complex at a wavelength of about 510 nm. - ISO 1391, Parts 1 to 4, replace ISO Recommendation R 1391-1970.

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ISO 1391-3:1976
95.99 Withdrawal of Standard
May 27, 2002