ISO/TR 17370:2013

Application Guideline on Data Carriers for Supply Chain Management

Publication date:   Jun 10, 2013

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60.60 Standard published   Jun 10, 2013


ISO/TC 122 Packaging

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55.020   Packaging and distribution of goods in general



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ISO 17370:2013 specifies a method to establish compatibility among various data carriers such as linear symbols, two-dimensional symbols and RFID, as well as their one-to-one relationship by illustrating the structure supporting the basic ISO-compliant supply chain control system. In particular, it
specifies the relationship of various global standards related to the supply chain,
illustrates the types and data structures in the layered supply chain network,
specifies the relationship among the layered structure of the supply chain,
specifies the management of serial numbers in supply chain management,
specifies data storage on the named data carriers,
specifies the required data volume for each data carrier,
specifies the data structure between the data carrier and the reader (interrogator),
specifies the data structure between the host system (computer) and the reader (interrogator), and
illustrates complex data carriers (rewritable hybrid media, etc.).

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ISO/TR 17370:2013
60.60 Standard published
Jun 10, 2013