ISO 21483:2013

Determination of solubility in nitric acid of plutonium in unirradiated mixed oxide fuel pellets (U, Pu) O2

Publication date:   Oct 25, 2013

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jul 15, 2022


ISO/TC 85/SC 5 Nuclear installations, processes and technologies

International Standard

27.120.30   Fissile materials and nuclear fuel technology



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ISO 21483:2013 specifies an analytical method for determining the solubility in nitric acid of plutonium in pellets of unirradiated mixed oxide fuel (light-water reactor fuels). The results provide information about the expected dissolution behaviour of irradiated pellets under industrial reprocessing conditions. In this aspect, the specific conditions (e.g. time of the test) may vary depending upon the need to match to a specific reprocessor's requirements. The test is aimed at determining solubility under equilibrium conditions rather than the kinetics of dissolution and hence allows for a second dissolution period.

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ISO 12184:1994


ISO 21483:2013
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jul 15, 2022