ISO/PAS 17208-1:2012

Acoustics — Quantities and procedures for description and measurement of underwater sound from ships — Part 1: General requirements for measurements in deep water

Publication date:   Feb 22, 2012

95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   Mar 21, 2016

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95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   Mar 21, 2016


ISO/TC 43/SC 3 Underwater acoustics

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17.140.30   Noise emitted by means of transport



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ISO/PAS 17208-1:2012 describes the general measurement systems, procedures and methodologies to be used to measure underwater sound pressure levels from ships at a prescribed operating condition. It presents a methodology for the reporting of one-third-octave band sound pressure levels. The resulting quantities are the sound pressure levels normalized to a distance of 1 m. The underwater sound pressure level measurements are performed in the geometric far field and then adjusted to the 1 m normalized distance for use in comparison with appropriate underwater noise criteria.
ISO/PAS 17208-1:2012 does not specify or provide guidance on underwater noise criteria or address the potential effects of noise on marine organisms.
It is applicable to any and all underway surface vessels, either manned or unmanned. Its methods have no inherent limitation on minimum or maximum vessel size. It is not applicable to submerged vessels or to aircraft, and is limited to vessels transiting at speeds no greater than 50 knots (25,70 m/s). The measurement methods mitigate the variability caused by Lloyd's mirror surface image coherence effects, but do not exclude a possible influence of propagation effects such as bottom reflections, refraction and absorption. No specific computational adjustments for these effects are given. A specific ocean location is not required for the application of ISO/PAS 17208-1:2012, but requirements for an ocean test site are provided.
Among the applications of ISO/PAS 17208-1:2012 are the showing of compliance with contract requirements, the enabling of periodic signature assessments and in research and development. Intended users include government agencies, research vessel operators and commercial vessel owners operating in acoustically sensitive waters.

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ISO/PAS 17208-1:2012
95.99 Withdrawal of Standard
Mar 21, 2016


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