ISO/TS 16558-2:2015

Soil quality — Risk-based petroleum hydrocarbons — Part 2: Determination of aliphatic and aromatic fractions of semi-volatile petroleum hydrocarbons using gas chromatography with flame ionization detection (GC/FID)

Publication date:   Aug 10, 2015

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Oct 29, 2019


ISO/TC 190/SC 3 Chemical and physical characterization

Technical Specification

13.080.10   Chemical characteristics of soils



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ISO/TS 16558-2:2015 specifies a method for the quantitative determination of the total extractable semi-volatile, aliphatic, and aromatic fractions of petroleum hydrocarbon content in field moist soil samples by gas chromatography.
The results of the test carried out can be used for risk assessment studies related to contaminations with petroleum hydrocarbons.
ISO/TS 16558-2:2015 provides a method applicable to petroleum hydrocarbon contents from about 100 mg/kg soil expressed as dry matter for the whole aliphatic fraction C10 to C40, as well as the aromatic fraction C10 to C40. For sub-fractions, lower limits of determination can be reached.
If lower detection limits are required, large volume injection can be used or concentration of the final extract can be carried out.
NOTE 1 Low concentrations of aliphatic and aromatic compounds can be found in natural uncontaminated organic rich soils like peat soils.

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ISO/TS 16558-2:2015
90.93 Standard confirmed
Oct 29, 2019


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