IEC/IEEE 80005-2:2016

Utility connections in port — Part 2: High and low voltage shore connection systems — Data communication for monitoring and control

Publication date:   Jun 15, 2016

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90.60 Close of review   Sep 3, 2021


ISO/TC 8/SC 3 Piping and machinery

International Standard

47.020.60   Electrical equipment of ships and of marine structures



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IEC/IEEE 80005-2:2016 describes the data interfaces of shore and ships as well as step by step procedures for low and high voltage shore connection systems communication for non-emergency functions, where required. This standard specifies the interface descriptions, addresses and data type. This standard also specifies communication requirements on cruise ships, in annex A. Application of this standard relates to annexes of IEC/ISO/IEEE 80005-1. This standard does not specify communication for emergency functions as described in IEC/ISO/IEEE 80005-1.

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IEC/IEEE 80005-2:2016
90.60 Close of review
Sep 3, 2021