ISO 14085-2:2015

Aerospace series — Hydraulic filter elements — Test methods — Part 2: Conditioning

Publication date:   Feb 26, 2015

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Nov 6, 2020


ISO/TC 20/SC 10 Aerospace fluid systems and components

International Standard

49.080   Aerospace fluid systems and components



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ISO 14085-2:2015 specifies
- a procedure to thermally condition a hydraulic filter element to presumed aerospace hydraulic system stresses,
- a test procedure to complete cold soaks, hot soaks, and temperature variation in a combined manner, and
- a test procedure to simulate cold starts.
ISO 14085-2:2015 is not intended to qualify a filter element under replicate conditions of service; this can only be done by a specific test protocol developed for the purpose, including actual conditions of use, for example the operating fluid or contamination.
ISO 14085-2:2015 is intended to provide a test procedure that yields reproducible thermal test conditioning of a hydraulic filter element, for simulation of the thermal stresses typically encountered in an aerospace hydraulic system.
The conditioning test procedures defined in this part of ISO 14085 are intended to be used prior to performance tests as specified in other parts of this International Standard.
The tests data resulting from application of this part of ISO 14085 can be used to compare the performance of aerospace hydraulic filter elements.

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ISO 14085-2:2015
90.93 Standard confirmed
Nov 6, 2020