ISO 10681-2:2010

Road vehicles — Communication on FlexRay — Part 2: Communication layer services

Publication date:   Jun 16, 2010

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jun 28, 2021


ISO/TC 22/SC 31 Data communication

International Standard

43.040.15   Car informatics. On board computer systems



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ISO 10681-2:2010 specifies the requirements for a communication protocol tailored to meet the requirements of FlexRay-based vehicle network systems as specified in the FlexRay Communications Systems Protocol Specification. As the communication protocol combines the network-layer and transport-layer functionality (OSI layers 3 and 4), this document does not explicitly distinguish between these layer services.
The technical features of this communication protocol are as follows: transmit messages with known data length; transmit messages with unknown but finite data length; additional acknowledgement with retry mechanism; routing data on the fly; support of dynamic frame length.

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ISO 10681-2:2010
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jun 28, 2021