ISO 10907-2:2007

Tools for moulding — Locating rings — Part 2: Locating rings for mounting with thermal insulating sheets in small or medium moulds (types C and D)

Publication date:   Nov 8, 2007

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Jul 8, 2022


ISO/TC 29/SC 8 Tools for pressing and moulding

International Standard

25.120.30   Moulding equipment



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ISO 10907-2:2007 specifies the basic dimensions and tolerances, in millimetres, of locating rings, for the mounting of moulds with thermal insulating sheets, suitable for injection moulding machines up to size E12, in accordance with EUROMAP 2, types C (with bore) and D (without bore).
ISO 10907-2:2007 also gives material guidelines and hardness requirements, and specifies the designation of the locating rings that conform to it.

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ISO 10907-2:2007
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jul 8, 2022