ISO 16031-2:2003

Aerospace fluid systems — O-rings, inch series: Inside diameters and cross-sections, tolerances and size-identification codes — Part 2: Standard tolerances for non-hydraulic systems

Publication date:   Aug 28, 2003

General information

90.93 Standard confirmed   Nov 18, 2019


ISO/TC 20/SC 10 Aerospace fluid systems and components

International Standard

49.080   Aerospace fluid systems and components



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ISO 16031-2:2003 specifies the inside diameters, cross-sections, tolerances and size identification codes for inch O-rings used in aerospace fluid systems intended for use in non-hydraulic systems.
ISO 16031-2:2003 is applicable, provided that suitable tooling is available, to O-rings made from all other elastomeric materials other than nitrile and ethylene propylene materials, for which ISO 16031-1 specifies the dimensions.
Specifications for O-rings with an inside diameter up to 12,7 mm have been taken from ISO 16031-1, because the same tolerances are applicable to the O-rings in ISO 16031-2:2003.

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ISO 16031-2:2003
90.93 Standard confirmed
Nov 18, 2019