ISO 11900-3:2004

Tools for pressing — Ball-lock punch retainers — Part 3: Type E, reduced for heavy duty

Publication date:   Sep 1, 2004

General information

90.93 Standard confirmed   Jun 20, 2019


ISO/TC 29/SC 8 Tools for pressing and moulding

International Standard

25.120.10   Forging equipment. Presses. Shears



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ISO 11900-3:2004 specifies the dimensions and tolerances, in millimetres, of reduced ball-lock punch retainers, type E, for heavy duty, and of their backing plug, the main use being retention of ball-lock punches in accordance with ISO 10071-2, when punching holes in steel sheets. It gives material guidelines and hardness requirements, and specifies the designation of ball-lock punch retainers in accordance with this part of ISO 11900.

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ISO 11900-3:2004
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jun 20, 2019