ISO 1516:2002

Determination of flash/no flash — Closed cup equilibrium method

Publication date:   Mar 7, 2002

General information

90.93 Standard confirmed   Oct 1, 2018


ISO/TC 28 Petroleum and related products, fuels and lubricants from natural or synthetic sources

International Standard

87.040   Paints and varnishes | 75.080   Petroleum products in general



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This International Standard specifies a method to determine if paints, varnishes, paint binders, solvents, petroleum or related products, when maintained at a selected equilibrium temperature and under the conditions of the test, give off sufficient flammable vapour to cause ignition on application of an external source of flame applied in a standard manner.
This International Standard is not applicable to water-borne paints which may, however, be tested using ISO 3680.
The method is suitable for use over the temperature range -30 °C to 110 °C, depending on the use of different apparatus listed in Table 1.
The interpretation of results obtained from solvent mixtures containing halogenated hydrocarbons, should be considered with caution, as these mixtures can give anomalous results.

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ISO 1516:1981


ISO 1516:2002
90.93 Standard confirmed
Oct 1, 2018