ISO 4539:1980

Electrodeposited chromium coatings — Electrolytic corrosion testing (EC test)

Publication date:   Oct 1, 1980

General information

90.93 Standard confirmed   Jul 6, 2021


ISO/TC 107/SC 7 Corrosion tests

International Standard

25.220.40   Metallic coatings



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Specifies a rapid and accurate method for evaluating the corrosion resistance characteristics of electrodeposits on steel or zinc-base die casting designed for outdoor service. Does not describe exposure periods to be used for a specific product, nor the interpretaiton to be given to the results. Test conditions are provided to electrolytically dissolve the underlying coatings of nickel through discontinuities in the chromium overlay at such a rate that electrolysis for 2 min produces about the same extent of corrosion as does 1 year of service.

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ISO 4539:1980
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jul 6, 2021