ISO 4265:1986

Petroleum products — Lubricating oils and additives — Determination of phosphorus content — Quinoline phosphomolybdate method

Publication date:   Oct 30, 1986

95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   Feb 1, 2005

General information

95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   Feb 1, 2005


ISO/TC 28 Petroleum and related products, fuels and lubricants from natural or synthetic sources

International Standard

75.100   Lubricants, industrial oils and related products



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The method used is applicable to products containing any of the phosphorus compounds in normal use and having contents between O,OO5 and 1O,O % (m/m). The method is free from most interferences because the high insolubility of the quinoline phosphomolybdate precipitate leads to constant composition and freedom from most adsorbed or occulated impurities, especially from cations which would otherwise interfere in the subsequent titration of the precipitate.

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ISO 4265:1986
95.99 Withdrawal of Standard
Feb 1, 2005