ISO 4228:1986

Spanners and wrenches — Spline drive ends for power socket wrenches

Publication date:   Oct 2, 1986

General information

90.93 Standard confirmed   Sep 19, 2018


ISO/TC 29/SC 10 Assembly tools for screws and nuts, pliers and nippers

International Standard

25.140.01   Hand-held tools in general



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Covers both the male end dimensions, and the female end dimensions. The pitch p/ps as given in the tables defines the spline dimensions. The first number is the diametral pitch; the second number is the stub pitch; it denotes, as the fractional part of an inch, the basic radial length of engagement, both above and below the pitch circle. The module denotes the number of units of pitch diameter per tooth, in millimetres.

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ISO 4228:1986
90.93 Standard confirmed
Sep 19, 2018