IEC 61834-9:2001 ED1

Recording - Helical-scan digital video cassette recording system using 6,35 mm magnetic tape for consumer use (525-60, 625-50, 1125-60 and 1250-50 systems) - Part 9: DVB format

Publication date:   Mar 22, 2001

General information

60.60 Standard published   Mar 22, 2001


TC 100/TA 6 Storage media, storage data structures, storage systems and equipment

International Standard

33.160.40   Video systems



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Specifies the content, format and recording method for the data blocks forming the helical records on tape containing audio, video and system data. Describes the specifications for the recording of single DVB programmes. The DVB data is delivered to the digital video cassette recorder via a digital interface or by a built-in tuner (IRD). The DVB data consist of an MPEG2 transport stream containing one or more programmes.

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IEC 61834-9:2001 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Mar 22, 2001