IEC 61523-4:2015 ED1

Design and Verification of Low-Power Integrated Circuits

Publication date:   Mar 11, 2015

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60.60 Standard published   Mar 11, 2015


TC 91 Electronics assembly technology

International Standard

25.040.01   Industrial automation systems in general | 35.060   Languages used in information technology



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IEC 61523-4:2015(E) establishes a format used to define the low-power design intent for electronic systems and electronic intellectual property (IP). The format provides the ability to specify the supply network, switches, isolation, retention, and other aspects relevant to power management of an electronic system. The standard defines the relationship between the low-power design specification and the logic design specification captured via other formats [e.g., standard hardware description languages (HDLs)].

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IEC 61523-4:2015 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Mar 11, 2015