ISO 15118-2:2014 ED1

Road vehicles -- Vehicle-to-Grid Communication Interface -- Part 2: Network and application protocol requirements

Publication date:   Mar 31, 2014

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60.60 Standard published   Apr 29, 2014


TC 69

International Standard

43.120   Electric road vehicles



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ISO 15118-2:2014 specifies the communication between battery electric vehicles (BEV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment. The application layer message set defined in ISO 15118-2:2014 is designed to support the energy transfer from an EVSE to an EV. ISO 15118-1 contains additional use case elements describing the bidirectional energy transfer. The implementation of these use cases requires enhancements of the application layer message set defined herein. The purpose of ISO 15118-2:2014 is to detail the communication between an EV (BEV or a PHEV) and an EVSE. Aspects are specified to detect a vehicle in a communication network and enable an Internet Protocol (IP) based communication between EVCC and SECC. ISO 15118-2:2014 defines messages, data model, XML/EXI based data representation format, usage of V2GTP, TLS, TCP and IPv6. In addition, it describes how data link layer services can be accessed from a layer 3 perspective. The Data Link Layer and Physical Layer functionality is described in ISO 15118-3.

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ISO 15118-2:2014 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Apr 29, 2014


ISO 15118-20:2022 ED1

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