IEC 62271-102/FRAGF ED1

High-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 102: Alternating current disconnectors and earthing switches

General information

30.97 End of interruption of work - split/merged   Aug 15, 2003


TC 17/SC 17A Switching devices

International Standard


Applies to alternating current disconnectors and earthing switches, designed for indoor and outdoor enclosed and open terminal installations for voltages above 1 000 V and for service frequencies up to and including 60 Hz. It also applies to the operating devices of these disconnectors and earthing switches and their auxiliary equipment. Additional requirements for disconnectors and earthing switches in enclosed switchgear and controlgear are given in IEC 60298, IEC 60466 and IEC 60517. Note: Disconnectors in which the fuse forms an integral part are not covered by this standard. This first edition cancels and replaces the third edition of IEC 60129 published in 1984, amendment 1 (1992) and amendment 2 (1996) and constitutes a technical revision. In addition, it replaces IEC 61128, IEC 61129 and IEC 61259, which are hereby withdrawn and cancelled. This bilingual version (2003-07) replaces the English version.

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IEC 62271-102/FRAGF ED1
30.97 End of interruption of work - split/merged
Aug 15, 2003


IEC 62271-102:2018 ED2