IEC 62330-1:2003 ED1

Helical-scan digital video cassette recording system using 12,65 mm (0,5 in) magnetic tape - Format HD-D5 - Part 1: VTR specifications

Publication date:   May 27, 2003

General information

60.60 Standard published   May 27, 2003


TC 100/TA 6 Storage media, storage data structures, storage systems and equipment

International Standard

33.160.40   Video systems | 35.240.99   IT applications in other fields



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This part of IEC 62330 specifies the content, format, and recording method of the data blocks containing HD compressed video data defined in part 2, audio, and associated data which form the helical records on 12,65 mm (0,5 in) tape in cassettes as specified in IEC 61835. In addition, this standard specifies the content, format, and recording method of the longitudinal record containing tracking information for the scanning head associated with the helical records, and also the longitudinal cue audio, and time and control code. One video channel of HD compressed video data and four independent audio channels are recorded in the digital format. Each of these channels is designed to be capable of independent editing. The HD compressed video data are derived from the following HD video signal: 1080 line / 59,94 Hz field frequency interlace system 720 line / 59,94 Hz frame frequency progressive system

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IEC 62330-1:2003 ED1
60.60 Standard published
May 27, 2003