IEC 62132-3:2007 ED1

Integrated circuits - Measurement of electromagnetic immunity, 150 kHz to 1 GHz - Part 3: Bulk current injection (BCI) method

Publication date:   Sep 26, 2007

95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   Jan 4, 2021

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95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   Jan 4, 2021


TC 47/SC 47A Integrated circuits

International Standard

31.200   Integrated circuits. Microelectronics



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This part of IEC 62132 describes a bulk current injection (BCI) test method to measure the immunity of integrated circuits (IC) in the presence of conducted RF disturbances, e.g. resulting from radiated RF disturbances. This method only applies to ICs that have off-board wire connections e.g. into a cable harness. This test method is used to inject RF current on one or a combination of wires. This standard establishes a common base for the evaluation of semiconductor devices to be applied in equipment used in environments that are subject to unwanted radio frequency electromagnetic signals.

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IEC 62132-3:2007 ED1
95.99 Withdrawal of Standard
Jan 4, 2021