CISPR 18-3:1986 ED1

Radio interference characteristics of overhead power lines and high-voltage equipment. Part 3: Code of practice for minimizing the generation of radio noise

Publication date:   Sep 30, 1986

General information

99.60 Withdrawal effective   Jun 24, 2010


CISPR/CIS/B Interference relating to industrial, scientific and medical radio-frequency apparatus, to other (heavy) industrial equipment, to overhead power lines, to high voltage equipment and to electric traction

International Standard

33.100.01   Electromagnetic compatibility in general



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This publication forms a "a code of good practice" to reduce to a
minimum the production of radio noise by power lines and equipment.

It provides information to follow both when
designing various fittings and components and when stringing the
conductors and installing the hardware of the line.

It also describes methods of detecting and locating defects
resulting in unusually high interference levels, and provides
prevention and correction procedures.

Lastly, Part 3 provides formulae for predicting the most probable
radio noise field of a line for various wheather conditions. In so
far as radio noise is caused by conductor corona.

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CISPR 18-3:1986 ED1
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Jun 24, 2010


Amended by
CISPR 18-3:1986/AMD1:1996 ED1