IEC 61000-4-6:1996+AMD1:2000 CSV ED1.1

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)- Part 4-6: Testing and measurement techniques - Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields

Publication date:   Apr 26, 2001

General information

99.60 Withdrawal effective   May 27, 2003


TC 77/SC 77B High frequency phenomena

International Standard

33.100.20   Immunity



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Relates to the conducted immunity requirements of electrical and
electronic equipment to electromagnetic disturbances coming from
intended radio-frequency (RF) transmitters in the frequency range 9
kHz up to 80 MHz. Equipment not having at least one conducting
cable (such as mains supply, signal line or earth connection), which
can couple the equipment to the disturbing RF fields is excluded.

This standard does not intend to specify the tests to be applied to
particular apparatus or systems. Its main aim is to give a general
basic reference to all concerned product committes of the IEC. The
product committees (or users and manufacturers of equipment) remain
responsible for the appropriate choice of the test and the severity
level to be applied to their equipment.

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IEC 61000-4-6:1996+AMD1:2000 CSV ED1.1
99.60 Withdrawal effective
May 27, 2003


IEC 61000-4-6:2003 ED2