IEC 62274:2005 ED1

Medical electrical equipment - Safety of radiotherapy record and verify systems

Publication date:   May 27, 2005

General information

60.60 Standard published   May 27, 2005


TC 62/SC 62C Equipment for radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and radiation dosimetry

International Standard

11.040.60   Therapy equipment



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Applies to the design and manufacture and some installation aspects of a record and verify system (RVS) for use in radiotherapy in human medical practice that a) provides, defines, or displays treatment machine set up data; imports data either through input by the operator or directly from other devices, b) may control the ability of that equipment to operate; c) records data of all treatment sessions; and d) is intended to be: 1) for normal use, under the authority of appropriately licensed or qualified persons, by operators having the required skills and training; 2) maintained in accordance with the recommendations given in the instructions for use; and 3) used within the environmental and electrical supply conditions specified in the technical description.

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IEC 62274:2005 ED1
60.60 Standard published
May 27, 2005