CISPR 18-2:1986 ED1

Radio interference characteristics of overhead power lines and high-voltage equipment. Part 2: Methods of measurement and procedure for determining limits

Publication date:   Oct 30, 1986

General information

99.60 Withdrawal effective   Jun 24, 2010


CISPR/CIS/B Interference relating to industrial, scientific and medical radio-frequency apparatus, to other (heavy) industrial equipment, to overhead power lines, to high voltage equipment and to electric traction

International Standard

33.100.10   Emission



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The methods of measurement detail the techniques and procedures for
use when measuring fields on site near to an overhead line and also
the techniques and procedures for making laboratory measurements of
interference voltages and currents generated by line equipment and

The procedures for determining limits define the expected values of
radio noise field and the width of the "disturbed corridor"
following the route of the line. This corridor takes into account
the effective field strength of the wanted signal, the
signal-to-noise ratio selected and the expected strength of the
noise field for a given line. The procedures are valid only for
long and medium waves.

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CISPR 18-2:1986 ED1
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Jun 24, 2010


Amended by
CISPR 18-2:1986/AMD1:1993 ED1

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CISPR 18-2:1986/AMD2:1996 ED1